Friday, January 21, 2022

US Trying to Turn Iran into Isolated Island in Ocean of Miseries: Zarif

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Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif has lashed out at the US government for impeding Iran’s fight against the coronavirus epidemic by intensifying the pressure of sanctions.

In a video message released on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Zarif talked about the US’ cruel sanctions and the Iranian people’s battle with the coronavirus.

Following in an excerpt of the Iranian Foreign Minister’s speech:

“The coronavirus laid bare the true nature of the cruel sanctions for the world. Sanctioning the health of Iranians was devised at the core of economic terrorism and sanctions from the outset.”

“When a nation’s right to access to medicine, food and other humanitarian items is violated, it will be placed on an unequal and more vulnerable position in comparison with the other countries.”

“We also need a mental cleansing for the fight against the sanctions and the coronavirus. This battle taught us the necessity for a renewal of the governance methods.”

“Nowruz will become an auspicious occasion when we are freed from the yoke of certain illusions in the domestic and foreign policy and the relations between them.”

“In order to fight against the sanctions, we must bid farewell to all various forms of ‘self-sanctioning’ and enter the new age of diplomacy.”

“Our nation’s battle with the coronavirus in this short time span has removed the borders between the Iranians residing in the country and the expatriates. After feeling the threat of coronavirus, the patriotic Iranians set the delineation aside and gave priority to the health and survival of their fellows over all sorts of delineation. Such national approach would reciprocally make our responsibility heavier.”

“Today, the borders are not formed between the customary insiders and outsiders, or between the proponents and opponents of the government; whoever sides with the life of his or her fellow countrymen and at the same time fights against the carnage caused by the sanctions and coronavirus is an Iranian and an insider.”

“I’d tell my fellow citizens all over the globe that the homeland needs your assistance today, more than ever.”

“The US is trying to ultimately turn our country into an isolated island in an ocean of threats and miseries through the constant increase in the layers and depth of the sanctions. In turn, the victorious Nowruz is the inspiration for Iran. Iran returns, rises up and once again breaks the lock on the prison of sanctions.”

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