Friday, April 19, 2024

US says no progress in formation of inclusive govt. in Afghanistan

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West says efforts for an inclusive government in Afghanistan have failed so far, but there has been progress about girls’ education.

He stated diplomacy with the Islamic Emirate is in the interest of everyone and it is the only option at the moment for dealing with the situation in Afghanistan.

He added US diplomacy with the Islamic Emirate has been productive in areas such as girls’ education, while in other areas, such as the formation of an inclusive government, no progress has been made.

“Our view is that we must all continue diplomacy with the Taliban, it serves our collective interests. At the moment that is our option looking ahead,” he added.

West noted the US is expecting the Islamic Emirate to deliver on its commitments over girls’ education and inclusive government.

The formation of an inclusive government is not only the US call, but Iran, Pakistan, and the Central Asian states, China and Russia share the same call, West said.

“We must see a dialogue with all segments of Afghan society unfold,” he added.

The Taliban, who ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, took power again on August 15 as the US was in the middle of a troop withdrawal. The group announced the formation of a caretaker government in early September. No country has yet recognized its rule.

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