Wednesday, May 18, 2022


US says closure of girls’ schools to significantly impact engagement with Taliban

Closure of girls’ schools in Afghanistan will hold significant and serious implications for US ability to engage with the Taliban, a diplomat in Washington says.

US says no progress in formation of inclusive govt. in Afghanistan

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West says efforts for an inclusive government in Afghanistan have failed so far, but there has been progress about girls’ education.

US says has no specified schedule for recognition of Taliban

Washington has no specified schedule for the recognition of the Afghanistan interim government and that the Taliban should take some steps before the normalization of relations, US special representative for Afghanistan Thomas West says.

Taliban reject Biden remarks over disunity in Afghanistan

The Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan denied the recent claims by US President Joe Biden over the inability of Afghan people to reach unity.

Ex-Afghan president blames US for his govt. fall

Former Afghan President has blamed the United States for the collapse of his government. Ashraf Ghani said Washington sidelined him during the so-called peace talks with the Taliban. The militant group seized power in August after taking control of Kabul.

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