Tuesday, October 4, 2022

US Sanctions ‘Crime against Humanity’: Iran President

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the US’ cruel sanctions against Iran are tantamount to “crime against humanity” and “economic terrorism” as they have put ordinary Iranians and even patients under pressure.

“It’s been over one year that Iranian people are under pressures because of unjust sanctions. These sanctions are in fact economic terrorism and crime against humanity because they are indiscriminately targeting everyone, even patients,” Rouhani said Wednesday.

“The people of Iran have withstood and resisted these sanctions well,” he added, speaking to reporters on the occasion of National Journalists’ Day.

Later in the day, Rouhani told another gathering that “the government is doing its best to improve people’s lives and living. The government has limited power, but people’s patience and greatness is unlimited.”

Addressing a ceremony in Tehran, Rouhani said “today’s conditions are very tough because of the unprecedented sanctions and pressures of the enemies of the Iranian nation.”

“Fortunately, with thoughtful measures and people’s resistance, the intentions of our enemies have not been met.”

“From all the messages we receive directly or indirectly and from the political movements we are witnessing in the region and around the world, it is understood that the United States is completely disappointed at breaking or changing Iran’s high aspirations and independence,” he noted.

Rouhani said that Iranians have gone through very difficult conditions last year and this year because of the cruel sanctions and economic war of the United States.

“The Iranian people showed their enemies that they had high patience and resistance in the face of problems.”

The President stated that by faith in the grace and power of God we can withstand the pressure of our enemies and achieve victory.

“The talent of the faithful and believing servants of God will flourish in hard times and we can withstand these difficult conditions, changing them into opportunities.”

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