Thursday, April 18, 2024

US says no indications of regime change in Iran

A White House official played down the potential for regime change in Iran on Friday, and stated that US President Joe Biden was expressing solidarity with Iranian demonstrators after he said “we’re going to free Iran.”

“The president was expressing our solidarity with the protesters as he’s been doing, quite frankly, from the very outset,” National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby told reporters.

During a campaign rally in California on Thursday, Biden also noted the Iranian people would free themselves “pretty soon.”

Kirby stressed it was up to the people of Iran to determine their future.

He was pressed further on whether the Biden administration assessed that the Iranian government would soon collapse.

“I don’t believe we have indications of that kind,” he continued.

Earlier, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi lashed out at his US counterpart for speaking of an intention to quote “free Iran,” reminding Washington that the Islamic Republic was actually liberated with the 1979 Islamic Revolution from the captivity of the Americans.

The Iranian president attributed the statements to Biden’s “forgetfulness.”

“Iran was liberated 43 years ago and is determined not to be taken hostage by you (America) again. We will never turn into a milk cow,” noted Raisi in reference to former US President Donald Trump’s famous description of the Saudi kingdom.

“Do not look at some deceived individuals and traitors. That is the position of the great Iranian nation and it has repeatedly announced that,” he stated.

President Raisi said America wants countries to serve it as “milk cows.” The US, which has created the Daesh terror group, portrays itself as an advocate of freedom and human rights in the midst of all the crimes it has perpetrated, he continued.

“To achieve its own interests, America is ready to destroy many people and endanger their interests,” he underscored.

The Iranian president underlined America has been present in 300 wars worldwide and had a hand in 62 coups.

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