Tuesday, February 7, 2023

US Isolated by Withdrawing from JCPOA: Iran

Iran’s government spokesman says the United States discredited and isolated itself by pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal.

By withdrawing from the agreement, Ali Rabiee said, the US also stopped Iranian people from reaping the benefits of the nuclear deal.

“In no period of time ever have ill-wishers of Iran, whether in the US or in countries bearing grudges against Iran in the region, or in other countries, been so powerful, and [in no period of time] has a country’s economy been under as much pressure of sanctions as Iran’s,” he noted.

The spokesman underlined challenges emanating from economic pressure have been coupled with the massive economic and social repercussions of the coronavirus outbreak, making it all the more necessary to focus on cooperation both within the Establishment and among people from different walks of life.

“The pressure caused by sanctions, the US bullying, and economic as well as livelihood problems are difficulties which have been created for people,” he said.

“We are also facing the effects of the coronavirus outbreak which has even harmed dynamic economies in the world, and undoubtedly, all-out cooperation, synergy and an understanding of issues are needed to successfully get through and mitigate problems is society,” he added.

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