Friday, January 27, 2023

US Bans Geared to Tightening Noose on Iran amid Coronavirus Fight: Zarif

Iran’s foreign minister says the United States refuses to lift sanctions in a bid to push the Islamic Republic to the limit in its fight against the coronavirus.

In a post on his Instagram, Mohammad Javad Zarif said Washington is seeking to press ahead with its “maximum pressure” policy.

“’This is the most hideous face of a government which is addicted to sanctions, and which wants to give its failed ‘maximum pressure’ policy a shot in the arm by weakening Iran against the coronavirus,” said the top diplomat.

He said Iran is the only country which is unable to easily buy medical equipment and medications to treat coronavirus patients due to sanctions.

Zarif urged the world to defy the United States’ excessive demands and not allow “sanctions and abidance by sanctions to further perpetuate this war crime.”

The foreign minister said the coincidence of sanctions and the coronavirus outbreak has redoubled the sufferings of Iranians and “narrowed down options in crisis management.”

He said any attempt that would disrupt efforts to tackle the coronavirus pandemic around the world would amount to an “illegal and inhumane” move.

Zarif further added that Iran’s diplomacy apparatus staff members are working in tandem with other institutions and medical community to help tackle the epidemic.

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