Wednesday, October 5, 2022

A Traditional Yet Comfortable Hotel in Heart of Iran

Mehr Chain Hotels are among the best hotels in Iran, serving Iranian and foreign tourists in the desert city of Yazd.

Mehr Traditional Hotel in the central Iranian city of Yazd is the only Iranian winner of an honorary prize by UNESCO.

It has served for 200 years and enjoys water pool, coloured glass, huge wind catchers, wooden doors, halls, rooms with 3 and 5 doors, traditional shoe holders, Hashti, Kariyas, alcove, Qanats, refrigerators and Narenjestan.

All these facilities remind visitors of the past sweet memories.

Facilities available for visitors include internet cafe, satellite with central system giving services to rooms and public places, taxi service, service for airline and railway ticketing, visa service, Yazd sightseeing tour along with a guide (camel and horse riding, desert adventure, etc.), doctor, and complete insurance facility for all guests from the time they arrive till the date of departure from the hotel.

A Traditional Yet Comfortable Hotel in Heart of Iran

Billiard and table tennis rooms, chess, exhibition of cashmere and other Yazd handicraft, lockers, among others, are some of the services provided for the visitors.

It is close to the old market place of Shazdeh Fazel and Bazaar-e Zargarha and Bazaar-e Khan and also close to Arg complex, Jame’ Mosque, and Alexander prison and other beautiful sights of Yazd.

All these services are available on the tourists’ demand.

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