Thursday, December 1, 2022

Top Iranian Diplomat Optimistic JCPOA Will Be Salvaged

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif say he believes the 2015 nuclear deal could be kept in place, as the EU has walked in the “right direction” and is seemingly eager to provide Iran with definite guarantees.

“We Believe we can receive the guarantees necessary for keeping the deal in place,” he said, speaking to Iran newspaper in a talk published on Wednesday,

Zarif said the Europeans have gone to great lengths in recent months to foil the US’ pressure against Iran, asking countries around the world to boost their purchase of oil from Iran and cooperate with the Central Bank of Iran.

Despite its efforts, Zarif said, the EU has not met Iran’s expectations so far and they need to do more to compensate for the US withdrawal from the pact and make Iran sure its interests will be served if it remains in the deal.


Switzerland, Oman Ready to Mediate between Iran, US

Zarif said Tehran and Washington are in contact via mediators including and Oman, but the two countries are not currently in direct talks.

“Of course, countries send messages for mediation … including Oman. The Swiss Embassy, which is protecting the US interests in Iran, has also conveyed messages in the past 39 years and it is still doing that,” he said.

Zarif said Iran has not started talks with the US administration yet.

“As far as I know, this has not happened and I think my information is not so incomplete,” he said.


Iran Has No Problem with Talks

Zarif said Iran has no problem with starting talks with the US, but it believes such talks would not be fruitful under the current circumstances.

“We cannot be certain that the result of the talks will go into effect,” he said.

The top Iranian diplomat said the last week request by Trump for talks with Iran are a PR stunt, as the US behaviour shows they are not serious in their offer.

“If this country believes in talks, it should demonstrate its good will regarding the nuclear deal and compensate [for its mistakes],” he said.


US in Deadlock

Zarif said Iran’s smart moves as well as the US’ mistakes have put Washington in a deadlock.

“The country’s decision-makers have so far acted tactfully. The world acknowledges that our moves in the past few years have put the US in a deadlock. Except one or two countries, no state is supporting the US’ policies against Iran,” he said.

US President Donald Trump, who withdrew the US from the 2015 nuclear deal early May, re-imposed anti-Iran sanctions on the country’s automotive and metal sectors, gold trade, aviation industry and other fields on Monday.

The US is also working to push the world to cut trade with Iran and stop purchasing the country’s oil before November, when further sanctions on oil and transactions with the central bank of Iran will be restored.

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