Thursday, December 8, 2022

Tochal Ski Resort Wildly Popular for Proximity to Tehran

Tochal, five kilometres away from the Iranian capital of Tehran, is the closest ski resort to an urban area in Iran, and has gained an increasing popularity as it is always accessible to those interested in skiing and mountaineering.

Skiers and mountaineers from Tehran who enjoy watching the snowy peak of Tochal always dreamt of exercising in an area close to Tehran. The dream came true in 1976 thanks to efforts made by a number of athletes.

Back then, with the establishment of Tochal Gondola lift, the skiers and mountaineers were provided with a chance to travel to Tochal Peak at 3,944 metres above the sea level. Tochal gave the Iranian and foreign athletes a chance to ski in a piste just five kilometres away from Tajrish Square.

The resort’s southern border stands at a height of 3,850 metres (lower part of the peak) and extends to Tochal Hotel (at a 3,550-metre height). It also has a chairlift. The length of the resort is 1,200 metres.

Tochal hosts sportspeople each year from November to June.

The resort was registered as an international one by the International Ski Federation. It has already hosts a number of international snowboard competitions attended by Olympic champions.

What follows are photos of people skiing in Tochal, retrieved from Mizan News Agency:

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