Saturday, January 28, 2023

They Are Saudis, Let Them in! (Cartoon)

An American cartoonist expressed his protest against the US ties with Saudi Arabia and the terrorists it supports by portraying a Saudi family in the US borders.

According to a report by IFP, the new work by Sean Delonas, the well-known American cartoonist, about Trump visa ban for seven countries has been widely welcomed by media outlets and social media users.

The cartoon shows a US Customs and Border Protection officer who prevents a Saudi family with bombs and arms from passing through, while his colleagues reminds him that the US law is okay with Saudis and only prohibits the entrance of seven countries’ citizens: Iran, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq and Libya.

Delonas has used smart symbols in depicting “The Saudi family”: the father looks like a Wahhabi with coarse facial features who is carrying explosive devices. Behind him, we see the mother with an explosive belt and a pink knitted hat as the symbol of anti-Trump women’s movement.

The couple’s baby is in the mother’s arms, wearing a T-shirt with the ISIS flag image. Finally the senior child is pictured as a symbol of such terrorist groups as Al-Qaeda, which have been supported by Saudi Arabia and its allies for years.

Finally, there is no answer to the questions raised by Delonas, as well as the American and international public opinion, though: while pretending to fight against terrorism, why does Washington not only refuse to sever its ties with the main known state-sponsors of terrorism, but also show willingness to extend its economic relations with them?

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