Sunday, November 27, 2022

Tehran and Tokyo Sign New Water Agreement

Iran and Japan have signed a cooperation document on capacity development for the integrated management of water resources.

The final technical cooperation document at phase two of the project to develop the capacity for the integrated management of water resources in the Sefidrud basin was sealed and exchanged by the advisor to the Iranian Minister of Energy as well as Masahiro Ueki, Senior Representative of the Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA).

During the signing ceremony, which was attended by JICA experts and Iranian officials, the parties expressed adherence to all provisions of the proposed document emphasizing on joint cooperation for making the objectives operational and for providing required reports during the project.

The newly-signed document, which is anticipated to become implemented in four years, will pursue the following purposes with active participation of stakeholders from various Iranian provinces:

1- Transparency of sources and uses of water in Sefidrud catchment area based on natural conditions and terms of utilization of water resource development projects

2- Strengthening consensus building skills, planning and designing implementation mechanisms in view of the allocation of water to different regions with priorities of drinking water supply, dams, water resource development projects, groundwater, water quality, water conservation and etc.

3- Decision making and building consensus among various stakeholders on the guidelines provided in the coordinated management of Sefidrud basin water resources.

4- Prioritizing operational issues and programs agreed upon in the catchment area.

Accordingly, the JICA expert delegation, during their stay in Iran, held various technical meetings at departmental and official levels and, while visiting water resources in numerous Iranian provinces located in Sefidrud basin, launched similar meetings with provincial stakeholders aiming to attract opinions as well as to encourage their active participation during the project execution.

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