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Taking Simple Steps Can Cut Odds of Getting Cancer

Cancer accounts for 13% of mortalities worldwide and its treatment in malignant cases, especially in developing countries, is hard and costly. But simple steps can cut the odds of developing various types of cancer.

Scientists believe cancer can be prevented or risks of contracting the disease can be reduced by observing a few points. Some important ways of preventing cancer are as follows:

Giving Up Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking accounts for 30% of cancer-related deaths. Smoking specifically increases the odds of contracting lung cancer, which is regarded as the most dangerous type of cancer that leads to death. Alcohol, too, harms body tissues and raises the risk of contracting cancer.

Losing Weight

Obesity results in the creation of some harmful materials which cause inflammation in the body, which raises the odds of different types of cancer, especially esophageal and kidney cancer.

Taking Simple Steps Can Cut Odds of Getting CancerDoing sports and physical exercise as well as losing weight will bring down the levels of inflammation-causing materials, and, as a result, keeps cancer cells from becoming malignant.

Staying Away from Stress

Stress changes the condition of the body and causes different diseases, including cancer. So, it is important for the body to steer clear of conditions which lead to anxiety and stress.

Using Anti-Cancer Foodstuff

Cancer is among the illnesses whose prevention partly depends on proper nutrition. Some foods which can prevent cancer are as follows:


Foods containing vitamins C and E as well as carotenoids are among antioxidants. For instance, drinking green tea is useful for the prevention of cancer as it has strong antioxidant properties. Also, using garlic can help prevent cancer. Saffron byproducts are also antioxidants which are effective in preventing cancer.

Fibre-Rich Foods

Low-calorie foods rich in fibres such as pulses, whole grains, fruit and vegetables can help prevent cancers such as the colon cancer.

Using Omega-3

Foods such as fish or some plants like linseed contain omega-3.

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