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Saudi Arabia Bullying Small Mideast Countries: Qatar FM

Qatar’s Foreign Minister says Lebanon is just the latest target in a Saudi campaign of intimidation that risks destabilising the Middle East.

Qatar Crisis Escalates despite Trump’s Attempt to Intervene

Washington’s lukewarm mediation between Saudi Arabia and Qatar has failed to settle the crisis between the two sides.

Iran Opposed to Any Pressure on Its Neighbours: Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a meeting with Qatar’s ambassador underlined Tehran’s opposition to any pressure on its neighbours by any party.

Riyadh Suspends Dialogue with Doha Shortly after Rulers’ Contact

Saudi Arabia has suspended any plan for holding dialogue with Qatar shortly after a phone call between the leaders of both countries suggested a breakthrough in the Persian Gulf dispute.

Qatar Can Connect to Outside World through Iran: Analyst

A senior political analyst has highlighted Iran’s geopolitical significance for Qatar, saying Tehran is more useful to Doha than any other regional state.

‘Riyadh Fails to Intimidate Doha into Downgrading Ties with Tehran’

A political commentator says Saudi Arabia has failed to intimidate Qatar into severing its newly-shaped relations with Iran, and has no more cards to play to keep Doha from edging closer to Tehran.

‘Qatar Admits Its Mistake by Restoring Ambassador to Iran’

A political commentator says Qatar’s decision to return its ambassador to Tehran amounts to Doha’s admission of the mistake it had made in dealing with Iran last year.

UAE Slams Qatar for Restoring Ties with Iran

The United Arabic Emirates has once again criticized Qatar for deciding to restore full diplomatic ties with Iran by deciding to send its ambassador back to Tehran.

Qatar Ambassador to Return to Iran

Qatar is going to send its ambassador back to Iran to resume his diplomatic activities more than 20 months after he was recalled.

Qataris Holding Secret Meetings with Saudi King

As diplomatic row continues to rage on between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, some media reports on a number of secret meetings between the two sides’ officials have sparked mixed reactions, particularly in Qatari circles.