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The latest news and views about Iraqi Kurdistan region

Iraqi PM Appoints Arab Acting Governor for Kirkuk

Iraqi premier has reportedly appointed an Arab politician as the new acting governor of Kirkuk, which is the scene of conflict between Iraqi forces and Kurdish Peshmarga since the beginning of the central government’s operation to retake the oil-rich city.

Iraqi Forces Retake Kirkuk’s Biggest Military Base

Iraqi forces have taken full control of the largest airbase of Kirkuk, known as K1, after recapturing vast areas of the city from Kurds in an operation started on Sunday night.

Baghdad’s Deadline for Kurdistan Gov’t Coming to End

Iraqi central government in Baghdad has set a deadline for the Kurdish Peshmerga forces to leave and hand over the areas which had been under the control of the army before the ISIS attack.

Ban on Kurdistan Airports Causing Daily Loss of $60,000

Baghdad’s ban on the arrival and departure of foreign flights at/from Kurdistan airports has reportedly caused a loss of 50 to 60 thousand dollars a day.
Jalal Talabani’s Family Thanks Iranian Medical Team

Jalal Talabani’s Family Thanks Iranian Medical Team

The eldest son of late former Iraqi president, Jalal Talabani, has praised an Iranian medical team for their efforts to offer good services to his father during treatment period.

‘Iran Should Adopt Independent Policy towards Kurdish Secession’

An Iranian analyst says Tehran and Ankara cannot pursue a totally similar policy towards the issue of Iraqi Kurdistan, and Iran needs to adopt its own independent policy in this regard.

Is Barzani Ready for Conditional Suspension of Kurdish Referendum?

An Iraqi Vice President, after meeting with the President of the Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani, has announced that he is ready to ignore the referendum results in return for the lifting of sanctions against Erbil.

‘Tehran Best Place for Talks between Baghdad, Erbil Officials’

A Kurdish Iranian parliamentarian says Tehran would be the best place for talks between the Iraqi government and authorities of the Iraqi Kurdistan region.
‘Those Favouring Kurdistan’s Secession Ignore Potential Dangers’

‘Those Favouring Kurdistan’s Secession Ignore Potential Dangers’

An Iranian website has, in a critical article, lashed out at certain commentators who believe the secession of the Iraqi Kurdistan region is a logical move.

Iraqi Flag Subject of Controversy during Talabani’s Funeral

The covering of the coffin of former Iraqi president Jalal Talabani with Iraqi Kurdistan’s flag has sparked harsh criticism particularly in Baghdad with many of the Iraqi lawmakers saying the coffin should have been covered with Iraqi flag.

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