Thursday, December 1, 2022

Iranian Police

Iran Seizes 111 Kilograms of Opium Hidden in Tyres

Iran’s security forces have seized at least 110 kilograms of opium embedded in the tyres of a truck near the northeastern city of Mashhad.

Assailant Gunned Down after Stabbing Cleric in Tehran

A man hurting a clergyman and a number of others in a stabbing spree at a subway station south of Tehran was shot dead by police on Saturday morning.

21 ISIS Terrorists Nabbed in Northeast Iran

An Iranian official says at least 21 ISIS terrorists have been arrested in a massive operation across the northeastern province of Khorasan Razavi.

Iran’s Customs Officers Seize Big Chunk of Opium

A sugarloaf containing 2.4 kilograms of opium has been discovered by Customs officers at Imam Khomeini International Airport in the Iranian capital.

Police Seize 62kg of Opium in Northeastern Iran

Some 62 kilograms of opium have been discovered in northeastern Iran following a series of operations by the country’s anti-narcotic forces.

Iranian MPs Thank Police for Providing Elections’ Security

A number of Iranian lawmakers have expressed their gratitude towards Iran’s police forces for their efforts to ensure the security at the time of the country’s May 19 elections.

Ancient Artefacts, Antiquities Discovered in Northern Iran  

An Iranian official announced that a number of antiquities and artefacts belonging to the Sassanid (224-651 AD) and Parthian (247 BC-224 AD) empires have been discovered and reclaimed in northern Iran in an anti-drug operation.

300,000 Forces to Ensure Security of Iran’s Upcoming Elections

Iran’s police chief says the country’s Law Enforcement will deploy 300,000 forces in all Iranian provinces to ensure the security of the upcoming presidential and local elections due to be held on May 19.

Dangerous Firecracker Users to Be Jailed for Entire Nowruz Holidays

A week before the Persian festival of fire annually marked on the eve of the last Wednesday of the year, the police has warned citizens about the use of dangerous fireworks.

MP Calls for Revision of Iran’s Contraband Laws

An Iranian lawmaker lashed out at the country’s inadequate laws to fight the smuggling of goods, saying the huge amount of contraband cannot be smuggled into Iran without cooperation of certain official sources.

Efforts Underway to Find 11 Bank Safes in Collapsed Plasco Building

Amid ongoing efforts to recover the bodies of at least 25 people entrapped under the rubble of Tehran’s collapsed Plasco Building, firefighters and rescue workers are also trying to find a number of bank safes belonging to a branch of Bank Tejarat located inside the old high-rise shopping centre.

A Fake Police Officer and a Thief Arrested in Plasco Building Collapse Site

Amid firefighters and rescue workers’ ongoing attempts to find the bodies of those entrapped under the rubble of collapsed Plasco Building in central Tehran, the Police arrested a number of crooks who were trying to abuse the chaotic situation.

Iran Introduces More Severe Driving Laws and Penalties

Iranian Police has intensified previous driving laws and regulations, and introduced more severe restrictions for newbies.

Special Units of Iran’s Police Hold Exercises in Tehran

The Special Units of the Islamic Republic’s Law Enforcement displayed their skills in various fields including hostage release, chasing, acrobatic moves, and shooting in...

Leader Urges Iran’s Police to Keep Pace with New Technologies

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei called on the Iranian Law Enforcement Force to constantly boost capabilities and match them to rapid advances in science and technology.

Iran’s Police Conduct Hostage Rescue Exercises

Law Enforcement forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran displayed their hostage-release skills in a counter-terrorism drill in central city of Isfahan on Saturday. Here...

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