Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Iranian People

Iranian City Chosen as Most Age-Friendly City

The southwestern Iranian city of Dezful in Khuzestan province has been picked as the top age-friendly city.

Story of Lonely Man Who Lives in Darkness

Issa, an Iranian visually challenged man, thinks the whole town is blind as no one cares about him.

Tehran Attacks Created Unity among Iranians: Larijani

Iran’s Parliament Speaker says the recent terrorist attacks in Tehran, which killed and wounded dozens of people, has increased unity among the Iranian nation and authorities.

Iranian People Watch Live Presidential Debate

Millions of Iranian people on Friday watched and listened to the first live presidential debate between the six candidates ahead of the May 19 votes.

Iranian Expats Can Vote in 103 Countries on May 19 Election

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister declared that Iranians residing in 103 foreign countries can cast their ballots in special voting stations in upcoming presidential elections.

Iranian People Adopting More Children

Official statistics show a 34-percent growth in the number of children adopted in Tehran Province last year, thanks to the laws that facilitate baby adoption, an Iranian official declared.

Millions of Dollars Saved Thanks to Iranians’ Participation in Online Census

Nearly 50% of Iranian people chose to participate in the online version of the country’s national census in 2016, and this has helped the government save millions of dollars.

Iran’s Population Increases to Nearly 80m: National Census

The findings of the recent National Population and Housing Census show Iran's population is over 79.92 million, which is about 4.77 million more compared to the previous figure registered by the census conducted in the Iranian year 1390

All Iranians to Have Smart ID Cards

While some Iranian citizens already have smart identity cards, all will obtain one in coming months.

Iranian Rural Population Is Decreasing

The undesirable living conditions in Iranian villages, including drought, have forced villagers to gradually abandon rural areas, and this has resulted in a sharp decrease in population of villages, an Iranian official said.

Iranian Descendants in Tanzanian Town

The inhabitants of “Kaole”, a small town in Tanzania, insist that they are descendants of Iranian Balochi soldiers who came to the region in 18th century.

Leader Urges Iranians’ Participation in National Census

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei called on Iranians form every walk of life to participate actively in an upcoming national census, referring to authentic statistics as the basis of any efficient decision-making for the country.

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