Friday, January 27, 2023

Stances against Nuclear Deal Made US Isolated: Iran

A top Iranian lawmaker says the US violations of its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action have led to Washington's isolation.

Senior MP Alaeddin Boroujerdi, who was heading a parliamentary delegation to Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, said Iran is closely watching the stances of the parties to the JCPOA and will legally pursue any violation of the commitments through a committee monitoring the implementation of the nuclear deal.

In an interview with VITV in Hanoi, the head of Iran-Vietnam friendship parliamentary group also said Iran will give an appropriate response to any violation of the JCPOA.

“To us, the US withdrawal of the JCPOA will make the deal vulnerable. Iran’s high-ranking officials will decide about our appropriate response to such a move,” he said on the last day of the Iranian delegation’s visit to Hanoi.

Boroujerdi went on saying the JCPOA is a multi-national deal which if violated, will negatively affect all the involved sides.

The chairman of the Parliament’s foreign policy and national security commission also said except for the US, all the signatories of the JCPOA have lived up to their commitments so far.

“Iran has already fulfilled its commitments under the nuclear deal and the International Atomic Energy Agency has confirmed officially in eight reports that Iran has remained committed to its JCPOA commitments,” he noted.

In response to a question on Iran’s stance towards the opposition of the European sides of the JCPOA to the US president’s decision to decertify the nuclear deal, he said the US president’s statements about the JCPOA are against the country’s commitments under the deal.

“Naturally, he not only has lost the support of other involved parties in the JCPOA but also faced strong criticisms inside the US for his irresponsible policies.”

The Iranian lawmaker said the US violation of the JCPOA has created tensions in relations between the two sides.

“Today we are amid a critical international condition of the international system in which the US is violating its agreements and this has made the country isolated by the European sides of the JCPOA,” he added.

The embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Hanoi said in a report Boroujerdi and his entourage arrived in Hanoi earlier this week heading a parliamentary delegation to hold talks with the government and parliamentarian officials of Vietnam.

During the four-day visit, the Iranian delegation held talks with a number of Vietnamese officials including the deputy speaker, head of foreign policy committee, head of the defence committee, deputy prime minister, agriculture minister, head of Iran-Vietnam friendship parliamentary group and foreign minister of Vietnam.

The main issues discussed during the talks included bilateral relations and regional and international developments.


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