Kanaani: Azerbaijan warning against Iran visit, same policy as Israel

The spokesman for the Iranian foreign ministry says a recent warning by the Azerbaijan Republic against the Azeri nationals’ travel to Iran is the same policy adopted by the Israeli leaders against Tehran.

In a tweet on Monday, Nasser Kanaani said, “The foreign ministry of Azerbaijan has warned its nationals against travelling to Iran. This is the same policy that the President of the fake, infanticidal and occupying regime of Israel recently adopted in a visit to Baku.”

Kanaani was referring to the recent visit of Israel’s President Isaac Herzog to the Republic of Azerbaijan during which he described Baku as Israel’s close friend, claiming Iran is a threat to the region.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman added, “The Zionist regime is the one whom the people of Azerbaijan should be made afraid of, NOT the civilized and Islamic Iran.”

Reaffirming Iran’s policy of visa-free vis-a-vis the Azerbaijan Republic, Kanaani added we embrace our Azerbaijani brothers and sisters.

The spokesman, however, said Continued neighborliness is the policy we are pursuing, “but of course within the framework of mutual respect and observance of neighbor etiquette.”

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