Sister of Iranian doctor Qareh Hassanlou says death penalty verdict for his brother revoked

Fatemeh Qareh Hassanlou, the sister to Iranian doctor Hamid Qareh Hassanlou, who was arrested and given a death penalty over the recent protests in Iran, says her brother has been spared the sentence.

Qareh Hassanlou told Etemad Online news website that the family were notified about the revocation of the “war against God” verdict – a ruling punishable by death – this morning.

She added that a review of the exhibits for the trial has shown that the ruling has been handed out incorrectly.

“We are trying to prove the complete innocence of Hamid and his wife. Currently, Hamid will be sent back to jail and the family will probably be able to visit him from now on,” Fatemeh Qareh Hassanlou told Etemad Online.

She added that Hamid could be released on bail pending his next court hearing.

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