Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Shah Hussein Gouyan; A Muharram Ritual in Iran’s Azarbaijan

Shah Hussein Gouyan is one of the most important religious ceremonies held in Iran’s Azarbaijan province during the holy month of Muharram.

During the mourning ceremony, people shout the name of the Third Shiite Imam, Hussein Ibn Ali (AS), and praise him as the leader of all martyrs.

The ritual is held in most parts of Azarbaijan province and is widely popular in Tabriz.

The ceremony starts a few days before the month of Muharram and lasts until the 10th day of the same month, Ashura, when Imam Hussein was martyred some 14 centuries ago.

In the Turkish language, people call the ritual “Shakhsi” which is the short form of “Shah Hussein”.

What follows are photos of the religious ceremony retrieved from Mehr News Agency:

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