Saturday, December 3, 2022

‘Saudi Arabia, UAE First Opponents of Military Attack on Iran’

An Iranian political expert believes that despite Saudi Arabia’s call for investigations into attack on Aramco oil facilities, Riyadh and its ally the United Arab Emirates are the first countries who oppose an anti-Iran military intervention by Washington.

Mostafa Danandeh has written in a piece that the United States is awaiting Saudi’s comment on the attack on the Aramco oil refinery. The US and Saudis have accused Iran, saying the attacks could only be performed by the Islamic Republic, and Yemenis have no such power to attack Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities many miles away.

“Some international observers and analysts believe that the United States is waiting for the green light of Saudi Arabia and of course its money to attack Iran. They say an attack on Iran will happen sooner or later.”

According to Danandeh, the most significant parties which are against any attack on Iran are the Arab states of Persian Gulf, especially Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. If a fire breaks out in Tehran, it would certainly spread to the whole Middle East.

The recent attack on Saudi Arabia showed how fragile the defence system of the kingdom is. Saudi Arabia, despite purchasing advanced equipment from the US, has yet to find out the source of the attack on its oil facilities and is still seeking to find those behind it.

One should not forget that 50% of Saudi Arabia’s oil industry has been paralysed by drone strikes. Let alone the country wants to go to war. The situation in the UAE is no better than in Saudi Arabia. The Arab country is heavily dependent on world trade and is seeking peace in the region. So Abu Dhabi does not welcome the flames of war in the Middle East. The war in the Middle East means the closure of oil trade and exports, which means the beginning of an economic crisis and of course a security crisis in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf.

On the other hand, on the eve of the US presidential election, Donald Trump does not want to go to war and lower his chances of winning the vote. It seems the US president views the negotiation and agreement with Iran and North Korea as the key to success in the upcoming presidential election. “I would certainly like to avoid war with Iran,” he said in his latest speech.

It should also be noted that Trump and his advisers did not press the military attack button after their drone was destroyed in the Iranian sky and preferred not to wage a war. Now, it is unclear why some people think the United States is ready to go to war with Iran for the sake of another country.

“The least the United States would do in the face of a recent attack on Saudi oil facilities is to sell missile systems to Arab countries. An example is the purchase of a missile system from the United States by Bahrain. In this way, Washington makes a lot of money and will not spend a penny.  Of course, in the world of politics, we have to wait for strange decisions every moment, but the evidence suggests that there will be no war in the Middle East at present,” concludes Danandeh.

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