Sunday, May 26, 2024

Russian envoy believes restoring JCPOA still possible

There is still a chance to restore the Iran nuclear deal, but Tehran will insist on keeping its red lines, Russian Ambassador to Iran Levan Dzhagaryan said during a Rossiya-24 TV broadcast.

“There is always a chance, but the Iranians insist, and quite rightly so, that their red lines be respected,” he stated.

According to the diplomat, exchanges between Washington and Tehran are continuing, mediated by Brussels.

“One of the main stumbling blocks is the issue of Iran’s insistence that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps be removed from the sanctions list. Not just the corps itself as a whole, but some of its units, so that everything is considered in a comprehensive way,” he added.

“And while there are no meetings on the Vienna platform yet, the exchange of messages between Washington and Tehran continues. As we understand it, [US President Joe] Biden’s administration is under a lot of pressure. Not only from Republican opponents, but more and more Democrats are starting to oppose the restoration of the JCPOA,” Dzhagaryan noted.

Iran insists that the nuclear talks must lead to the removal of all American sanctions that were imposed against Tehran following Washington’s unilateral withdrawal from the landmark agreement in May 2018. Tehran has also demanded credible guarantees that Washington will not abandon the deal again.

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