Friday, April 12, 2024

Russia says ball in US court for end of nuclear talks

The ball is now in the US court to ensure a successful conclusion of the Vienna negotiations on restoring the Iran nuclear deal, a Russian diplomat says.

“The Vienna Talks on JCPAOA remain on pause since March 10,” Russia’s envoy to the Vienna talks Mikhail Ulyanov wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

“According to mass media reports, Iran during the recent visit of the EU Coordinator to Tehran demonstrated certain degree of flexibility and now waits for a response from the US side,” he added.

“The ball is in Washington’s court,” the Moscow’s envoy stressed.

Iranian officials have also stressed the ball is in the US’s court and that Washington must make the necessary political decisions.

Iran insists that the nuclear talks must lead to the removal of all American sanctions that were imposed against Tehran following Washington’s unilateral withdrawal from the landmark agreement in May 2018. Tehran has also demanded credible guarantees that Washington will not abandon the deal again.

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