Riyadh Testing Reactions to Possible Détente with Iran

Middle East observers believe that the recent positive signals sent by Saudi Arabia on its interest in improving relations with its regional arch-rival Iran are aimed at testing the reactions.

A Saudi Arabian journalist, close to Al Saud family, has implied that Riyadh will soon have close and strong ties with Tehran and Baghdad, as the two states are useful neighbours of his country.

The Arabi21 news website has reported that the liberal Saudi journalist and publisher, Othman al-Omeir, who is known for having close relations with the ruling Al Saud family, has implicitly said in a Twitter post that his country will soon have close and strong ties with Iran and Iraq as they are Saudi Arabia’s useful neighbours.

According to a Farsi report by the Shafaqna News Agency (Shiite International News Agency), the tweet posted on Monday (August 14) by al-Omeir reads: “There is a neighbour which is useful and a neighbour which is useless; I certify that Iran and Iraq are useful neighbours.”

In his post, al-Omeir also stressed that his remarks have been made following the recent improvements in relations between his country and the other two Middle Eastern states which have helped reduce tensions and differences among them.

Experts maintain that al-Omeir’s statements are made to assess Saudi people’s reaction to future probable developments in relations among Tehran, Riyadh and Baghdad, which may lead to the creation of new coalitions between them.

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