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Report: Halloween in Iran, cultural onslaught or a way to have fun

Iranian Labor News Agency has published an opinion piece on the occasion of Halloween saying the celebration, is inconsistent with Iranian culture.

According to ILNA, the event has attracted the attention of certain segments of society in Iran for several years now. In the days leading up to October 31, we witnessed the buying and selling of accessories and decorations for this celebration.

This market starts with the idea of making costumes of cartoon characters, ways to decorate food with scary themes and making a carved pumpkin template online, and continues with the sale of clothes and decorative accessories, the preparation of cakes and special sweets in confectionary stores, the photography of this ceremony by studios and scary make-up or make-up similar to famous Hollywood figures in men’s and women’s hairdressing salons.

ILNA adds surprisingly, Halloween travel tours are also being promoted by several travel agencies these days.

But the remarkable thing is that despite all the online advertisement about the spread of this holiday in Iran, a limited number of physical stores and sales centers offer Halloween accessories and equipment.

In fact, what can be clearly seen regarding the preparations for Halloween in Iran are the online promotion of services by sellers and orders by customers, and finally the online publication of photos of this celebration which is currently specific to a certain segment of society, so that it may not yet be considered a covert cultural onslaught.

But the influx of such ceremonies into our culture is inevitable, and in the coming years, Halloween, like Valentine may spread as if they were part of our culture.

According to ILNA, It is perhaps possible to find healthy ways, which are in accordance with the traditions and religion of Iran, to inject happiness into society. It may be possible to raise awareness about cultural onslaught by increasing public vigilance, and perhaps by respecting past traditions, and finding new ways for the youth to burn their energy to replace rituals such as Halloween.

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