Thursday, May 23, 2024

President Raisi says US favors chaos in Iran

President Ebrahim Raisi has strongly condemned the United States' support for the recent unrest and riots in Iran. He stated Washington feels angry with any act of innovation in Iran while feeling happy with the problems in the country.

Speaking in the meeting of the cabinet on Sunday, Raisi referred to America’s support for unrest and insecurity in Iran, and said, “The remarks of the American President, who allows himself to incite chaos, assassination and destruction in another country, are reminiscent of the lasting remarks of the Founder of the Islamic Republic, who called America the Great Devil”.

Iran’s president pointed out that the role of America can be found in rooting most of the vandalism, assassinations and disturbances in the region, and clarified, “70 years of supporting the crime of the Zionist Regime in Palestine, as well as two decades of aggression and war-mongering by the Americans in Afghanistan, are examples of the actions of the Great Devil.”

Raisi stated that the Americans feel angry about every good, innovative and creative move of the Iranian nation, and they feel happy about the shortcomings or problems, as well as about the insecurities.

He noted, “The Iranian nation knows the enemy and its tricks very well, and this time, they will not let it reach its goal and continue the path of growth and progress with strength and dignity”.

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