Monday, January 17, 2022

Raisi: Iran serious in Vienna talks

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Iran’s President Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi says the two draft documents laying out Tehran’s proposals to the other parties to the Vienna talks show the Islamic Republic’s seriousness in the negotiations.

Raisi made the comment in a meeting with the heads of Iran’s diplomatic missions in neighboring countries on Saturday in Tehran.

Raisi said if the other sides show resolve, we will reach a good deal with them.

On sanctions, the president said most bans have targeted Iran’s nuclear, space and military industries but the country has made good progress in the fields.

Raisi also spoke of Iran’s policy to prioritize ties with neighbors. He described the adoption of the policy as a strategic move by Tehran. He said Iran is determined to press ahead with the policy.

Raisi noted that Iran has the economic infrastructure required to interact with neighboring countries.

Raisi further warned Iran’s neighbors of the danger from their ties with the Zionist regime. The Iranian president noted that relations with Israel will not bring security, adding that wherever the regime has entered, it has harmed the host country.

Raisi however said regional countries can strengthen security and peace in the region through interacting with Iran.

He also said all problems in the region stem from the presence of extra-regional countries in West Asia and the Persian Gulf.

Raisi cited the Afghanistan situation as an example to back up his remarks. He said the US and NATO occupied Afghanistan for 20 years but did not bring security and peace to the country.

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