Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Prune Broth: Iranians’ Autumn-Time Dish

The prune broth is a very nutritious traditional Iranian food which is suitable for all people, especially during autumn.

You can make the prune broth in the following way:


Ingredients for 6 people

Rice: One cupful

Ground meat: 0.5 kg

Broth vegetables: 1 kg

Onions: 3 onions

Split peas: Half a cupful

Fresh prunes: 1 kg (Or dried prunes; 250 gr)

Iodine-free salt: as much as needed

Turmeric: a teaspoonful

Pepper: as much as needed



Fry the onions and add turmeric. Put the split peas and rice with the onions in water and cook them.

Mix the ground meat with grated onion, salt and pepper and shape them into small meatballs.

Add chopped vegetables after the rice and split peas are half-cooked.

After the vegetables are cooked, add the meatballs to the ingredients. Finally, add the fresh prunes after removing their inner hard seeds, and leave the broth to be cooked through. Note that dried plumes must be added sooner.

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