Sunday, January 23, 2022

President Raisi: Iran facing no vaccine shortages

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Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi has said the Islamic Republic is facing no Covid vaccine shortages, urging all citizens to get their boosters.

Raisi added that this will be conducive to protect public health in Iran. The president also urged all Iranian to observe health protocols despite the downward trend in deaths and infections so as to cut off the chain of the new Coronavirus strain known as Omicron.

Iran’s Health Ministry announced on Saturday the number of triple-vaxxed people in the country is inching toward the 10 million mark. Officials say around 500 Omircon cases have been registered throughout Iran so far.

Raisi also thanked all people involved in the healthcare sector for their efforts to help contain the Covid pandemic in Iran.

Raisi noted that the decision on restrictions imposed on arrivals from countries where Omicron has spread is left to the Ministry of Interior and relevant organizations, so that appropriate decisions can be made regarding the continuation or removal of these restrictions, depending on the situation.

The president, however, said given the reduction in the number of cases and deaths due to widespread vaccination, the National Headquarters Against Coronavirus, as a decision-making authority, has decided that schools and universities can reopen.

Raisi said, “Whenever the situation of the Covid outbreak changes, the National Headquarters Against Coronavirus will decide and act accordingly with sensitivity and accuracy”.

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