Monday, June 17, 2024

President Raisi gets low approval in opinion polls

On the second anniversary of taking office, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has been given thumbs down by majority of voters in two opinion polls.

Asriran news website asked the voters “on the second anniversary of Mr. Raisi’s presidency, how do you rate his government’s performance?”


Out of 47,877 people who took part in the poll, 83.52 percent said the president’s performance was very low, and 7.95 percent rated him as low.

4.1 percent of the respondents viewed the president’s performance as acceptable and only 4.42 percent put Raisi’s performance in a positive light.

Khabarfori, a right-leaning principlist news website, also put the president’s performance to a vote, which almost had similar results.

87 percents of the 10 thousand voters said they were “not satisfied with the president’s performance” and only 13 percent said they are happy with the situation on the ground.

The opinion polls did not break down different areas of President Raisi’s performance, but economic hardships have taken a huge toll on the Iranians’ purchasing power since he took office on August 5, 2021.

Handling the unrest and deadly riots triggered after the death of young Iranian woman Mahsa Amini last September, were also a major issue during President Raisi’s tenure that lead to polarization of the society.

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