Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Powerful diplomacy ended lengthy anti-Iran oppression: Rafsanjani

Rafsanjani urged the Iranian critics of the deal to consider the sensitive conditions of the region today, Iran's national interests, and elaborate on their stance peacefully.

The chairman of the Expediency Council said Saturday nuclear agreement that marked the end of lengthy anti-Iranian nation oppression was the result of people’s mighty resistance, the Leader’s straight-forward remarks, and the powerful diplomacy of our nuclear team.

Speaking at a session of the council, Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani referred to the rapid, major developments in the world and the region with deep effects on future world order and said, “There are various signs which resemble the tip of a huge iceberg in the ocean of the world and region, only a small part of which can be seen.”

Highlighting the exemplary peace and stability in Iran, Rafsanjani hoped that the atmosphere of national consensus and cooperation will prevail and further strengthen till parliamentary elections and beyond.

He said Iran is at the center of the regional and global developments, arguing that the Iran-P5+1 negotiations had begun months before President Rouhani took office.

“Oman’s Sultan Qabus had a few months before the presidential elections brought the written message of President Obama and after gaining the Supreme Leader’s agreement two rounds of talks were held in Oman, which bore no result,” he added.

Rafsanjani said that after the leader’s agreement with resuming the negotiations in the spring of 2014, the current government worked out a new method and new policies to achieve progress in the talks.

The council’s chairman said that negotiations with representatives of six world powers was both tough and of great significance and that the Iranian team mightily, with high insight, and righteously set foot in the field of negotiations, informing the other side that they had oppressed the brave Iranian nation, and should somehow redress their mistakes.

“The ongoing arguments between the US administration and the Republicans in America on the one side and the Israeli officials on the other side, as well as the admissions that they make about Iran’s might and nuclear power, or when the opponents of this agreement in the US said that Iran has managed to deceive the six world powers are very important and noteworthy,” he added.

Rafsanjani also said when the US secretary of state told congressional Republicans that Iran has achieved the status of a world nuclear power, its surrendering to pressure is a fantasy and the continuation of sanctions would lead to a gap between the US and the EU, or that an Israeli military, or even cyber-attack against Iran will be a big mistake, Iran’s great victory on the international stage was revealed.

When the US president calls the American opponents of the nuclear agreement warmongers, or addressing the Arab leaders of the littoral countries of the Persian Gulf he says that your military budgets are ten times bigger than Iran, why do they still promote their Iranophobia project? Or when the Israeli military commanders tell Netanyahu that Tel Aviv is today isolated in the world, we notice the positive developments in the world.

He urged the Iranian critics of the nuclear agreement to consider the sensitive conditions of the region today, especially after the conclusion of nuclear talks, Iran’s national interests, elaborate on their stance peacefully, and thus contribute to continuation of the prevailing peace and stability inside the country.

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