Friday, September 30, 2022

Political rationality main factor for final nuclear deal: Rafsanjani

If nuclear talks continued based on diplomatic principles and mutual respect, they would bear fruit earlier, said Rafsanjani in a meeting with the Italian ambassador to Iran.

Chairman of the Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said on Sunday that political rationality is the main factor in clinching a final nuclear deal.

Rafsanjani made the remarks in a meeting with Italian Ambassador to Tehran Mauro Conchatori.

“If talks continued based on diplomatic principles and mutual respect, they would bear fruit earlier,” he said.

Intensive talks between Iran and P5+1 in Switzerland proved that the two sides are determined to resolve the issue, he said adding that the Iranian government from early stages of the talks called for a win-win nuclear deal.

He said that from early stages of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, the country was under tough sanctions but finally the Western governments had to come to terms with Iran.

Iran successfully attained political victory at the United Nations in light of military victories in the battlefields, he said.

Expressing concern over current events and developments in the region, Rafsanjani underlined that Iran is determined to help save the entire region from bloodshed.

Terrorism poses a major threat to the region, he said adding that regretfully, in the past individuals would commit acts of terrorism, but now big groups are involved in terrorist activities. Sometimes they act like a government and establish global communications and recruit their forces from Western states.

He said that exacerbation of humanitarian situation in Yemen due to the Saudi indiscriminate bombardment of the civilian targets and carnage of civilians in the region is blatant aggression by the Saudi government on Yemen.

Complete eradication of terrorism in the region is a tough job but possible, Rafsanjani said, adding that it requires global resolve to stem its growth as their influence to other parts mainly to the West is not difficult.

Rafsanjani made it clear that Iran is a major victim of terrorism.

Iran has invaluable experience in the fight against terrorism and is ready to put it at the disposal of the countries of the region as well as the international community, Rafsanjani said.

Referring to the capabilities of Iran and Italy, Rafsanjani said the two civilized countries with rich culture opened a very promising future in their relations.

Italy’s ambassador for his part said under the current sensitive circumstances between Iran and the West said, “I have come to visit you to benefit from your invaluable experience to help broaden relations.”

Iran is the pillar of stability in the region, he said, adding that he believes that Iran can play a very good role to this end.

On nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1, he advised the two parties to settle the dispute at the negotiating table and keep away from the media hype.

The readiness of both sides for the settlement of the nuclear dispute should be regarded as an asset, he said citing the guidelines of the Supreme Leader.

The wise guidelines of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic revolution shed light on the negotiations, he said.

On capacity of Iran and Italy to broaden mutual relations, he said the entrepreneurs in the Iranian market play a more prominent role than the businessmen.

Italy has opened a very special chapter for expansion of relations with Iran, he said and called for more understanding between Iranian and Italian officials to help broaden relations and cooperation.

Referring to historical and cultural status of Iran and Italy and their strategic situation in the world, he said “We are well aware that Iran is the bridge connecting the East and the West and we hope that the country through interaction with the world will achieve a comprehensive victory.”

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