Pilgrimage ritual on mountain top in northwest Iran

Every year, as the hot season arrives, the people of Kivi village and its surrounding villages in the Varzaghan Country of East Azarbaijan Province hold a pilgrimage ritual in the first ten days of the summer on top of a mountain called Pirdaghi or the Old Mountain.

One day before the date set by the elders of the village, they camp at the foot of the mountain along with all their family members to visit the shrine of a Shia figure, Seyyed Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Musa ibn Jafar, and spend the night there.

After the sunrise and eating breakfast, everyone goes on foot or in a vehicle to the mountain peak at an altitude of about 3,000 meters.

They perform the ritual there, pray for the health of their love ones, blessings throughout the year and return to their villages.

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