Saturday, October 1, 2022

People support nuclear talks: Minister

Iran has secured 70 to 80 percent success in nuclear talks with P5+1 and it is not fair to cast doubt on the outcome, said the Iranian intelligence minister.

Intelligence Minister Seyyed Mahmoud Alavi has said that so far four opinion polls have been conducted on nuclear talks and the negotiating team. The result shows that 65 to 86 percent of people support the talks and the negotiators.

He said in the opinion polls people said the negotiators have not trespassed the red lines.

The minister said that the Supreme Leader approved of the principle of nuclear talks in order to make the world understand that Iran has logic and also supported the negotiating team in order to encourage those who seek to defend the rights of the Iranians.

“The Leader’s guidelines led to the development of a bright path with transparent red lines in the nuclear talks on which the work will proceed,” Hojatoleslam Alavi further said, adding that however, while some described the talks fair and rational some others started to undermine the team by calling its members traitors but the Leader said the negotiating team did a revolutionary job amid the US dishonesty and called them honest, faithful and courageous.

“We achieved 70 to 80 percent success in the talks and it is not fair to cast doubts,” he said, adding what encourages the government and the negotiating team is the support of the Supreme Leader.

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