Saturday, November 26, 2022

One Iranian Dies of Coronavirus Every 13 Minutes: Deputy Minister

Iran’s deputy health minister says the novel coronavirus is killing one Iranian every 13 minutes, and infecting another one every 33 seconds.

Iraj Harirchi said this is an alarm that shows people should observe the social distancing.
“Fortunately, with the cooperation of the people and the health ministry, we were able to control the disease, but it is not enough. In some provinces, we are facing the severe conditions of the disease, and our provincial and city-wide measures, especially in the high-risk regions, should be taken seriously as much as possible.”

Observing the physical distance of one metre reduces the threat of the virus by 82%, the use of the mask by 85% and the use of eye protection by 78%. These figures are very important and effective in preventing the spread of the disease, underlined Harirchi in a video press conference on Saturday.

“Re-openings are now underway in most countries around the world due to economic reasons. In the current context of economic and social activity, the most important things that reduce the prevalence of the disease are the observance of one-metre distance with others and the use of eye protection and masks.”

Harirchi emphasised that young people, and even children who appear to be healthy or have mild symptoms of corona disease, are an important player in transmitting the disease to others, especially parents and the elderly.

“People under the age of 50 are less likely to develop asymptomatic and undiagnosed disease. Unintentionally and unknowingly, young people can infect those around them which sometimes leads to death and prolonged hospitalisation.”

People who have had COVID-19 before, and people whose antibodies have been tested positive and think they are safe, should still keep a social distance because it is not yet clear from scientific evidence that these people are safe against the corona, he went on to say.

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