Friday, December 2, 2022

Official Highlights Iran’s Push for Regional Peace, Security

Iranian President’s Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi has stressed the need to proceed with the Astana Process negotiations at the level of heads of state and experts to resolve the crisis in Syria, reaffirming Iran’s unwavering support for peace and security in the region.

In remarks about the Islamic Republic of Iran’s stances on the latest regional developments, particularly the situation in Syria, Mahmoud Vaezi said on Monday, “Iran has always pushed for peace and security in the region, and has emphasized that a solution to the Syria crisis would be achieved through political dialogue by relying on the consultations and negotiations it has held with the regional countries.”

He said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has highlighted the importance of political settlement of the crisis in Syria during the recent conversations with the presidents of Russia and Turkey.

“In these talks (with Putin and Erdogan), our country’s president has also expressed Iran’s readiness to host a summit of Iran, Russia and Turkey for the establishment of peace and stability in Syria,” Vaezi added.

The Iranian President’s Chief of Staff also hailed the successful results of the Astana Process in recent years in reducing the tensions in Syria, adding, “The Islamic Republic of Iran regards the Astana Process as highly significant and stresses on the continuation of the process.”

“Iran by no means considers its cooperation with the friendly countries for helping Syria as a replacement for the Astana Process,” Vaezi underscored, calling for concerted efforts to restore peace and stability to Syria via the Astana Process.

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