Monday, December 11, 2023

New production line of Iran anti-Covid vaccine set in motion

Iran’s Barakat vaccine’s second production line was set in motion last week and it’s expected to produce 6 to 8 million doses of vaccine per month.

That’s according to the managing director of Iranian pharmaceutical company Shifa Pharmed.

According to the source, the machinery purchased for the Covid vaccine production line was imported with delay. It was in fact supposed to arrive in Iran in March or May so that the production line would be able to produce 20 million doses as of September. The delay has been blamed on the confiscation of the machinery at an airport in India on the grounds that Iran was under the US sanctions and also due to Covid restrictions.

Iran has been producing a number of other Covid vaccines like Noura and Fakhra which are going through clinical phases. Thanks to vaccine imports and production, the inoculation process in Iran has accelerated recently.

Authorities hope that the entire population will fully get vaccinated in the next few months. They also hope to export surplus shots abroad.

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