Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Neshat Jahandari Becomes Second Woman Airline Pilot of Iran

Neshat Jahandari has recently received her four stripes after her first independent flight, turning into the second woman airline pilot in Iran.

Jahandari is 29 years old. For the past four years, she has been working as a co-pilot for the Zagros Airlines. She has flown for 3,000 hours till now.

She began to work with the Zagros Airlines in the field of flight safety and the review of Flight Data Monitoring. About three and a half years later, the company needed a pilot; she passed the test and was accepted with merit.

Neshat Jahandari Becomes Second Woman Airline Pilot of IranAt the age of 17, she began her pilot training classes, and at the same time studied at the University. She received her degree in Aviation Flight Engineering Technology.

Due to her interest in this field, after receiving her licence, she received all the flight-related documents for the airliners, such as the Commercial Pilot License and the Instrument Rating. Finally, her dream came true and she became a pilot.

Although, there is no legal prohibition for women in the aviation field, entering into the profession has not been so easy for a woman.

“When I entered the pilot school, many were surprised and said this is a male profession and is not suitable for me,” she says.

“This strange behaviour could be a hindrance to me, but I believed in it and I was doing my job. I believe that everyone who does his/her best in every field, will certainly enjoy its result. In today’s world, as we have male professional chefs, we also have successful female mechanics engineers. Success has nothing to do with gender. Of course, it’s natural to be surprised to see a female pilot,” she noted.

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