Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Museum of Iranian Dolls, Culture Opens in Tehran

The ‘Museum of Iran Dolls and Culture’ has been established in the Iranian capital of Tehran to make its visitors familiar with the stories of different ethnicities in Iran.

The museum is aimed at introducing Iranian ethnicities, costumes, tales and legends to its visitors, according to media reports.

A collection of Iranian dolls including those made by Iranian folk ethnic groups, dolls of the Iranian historical dynasties (designed and made by Parichehr Rahimi), dolls of authors of children’s literature (designed and made by Mojdeh Daneshpajouh), and a collection of doll-sculptures showing women of Iran’s different regions and their clothes (designed and made Sarah Hosseini) are put on the show in this event.

In this museum, a doll, a story and a legend of every Iranian ethnicity is presented. In fact, the visitors are supposed to get familiar with the stories of different ethnicities of Iran.

Following you can find ISNA and Mizan’s photos of this event:

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