Mr. Olympia 2019: Hadi Choopan of Iran Wins People Choice Award

Professional bodybuilder Hadi Choopan, also known as the Iranian Wolf, has stunned the world by claiming the third overall title and the people’s choice award at the 2019 Mr. Olympia competition held in Las Vegas.

By winning the people’s choice award, Choopan dethroned 2018 winner Roelly Winklaar in the 55th Mr. Olympia competition, a weekend-long bodybuilding contest.

Brandon Curry won the overall title and became the new Mr. Olympia. William Bonac also won the second title. The fourth and fifth places also went to Dexter Jackson and Roelly Winklaar.

In his first ever Olympia 2019 posing routine, Choopan started out impressively in the Men’s Open during the Friday night’s prejudging, where he surprised the judges and spectators by standing among the top 4.

Only one Iranian bodybuilder had succeeded to compete in Mr. Olympia games before Choopan. Late athlete, Beitollah Abbaspoor, had ranked 5th in 2014.




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