Sunday, April 14, 2024

MPs file report on violations by ex-pres. Rouhani over tackling Covid

Iran’s Parliament has sent a report to the Judiciary on the performance of former President Hassan Rouhani as the then head of the National Coronavirus Task Force.

The report was also read out on Parliament floor in conformity with the legislature’s bylaw.

“Most people in Iran were relatively not satisfied with the performance of the National Coronavirus Task Force and ministries, particularly President Rouhani, with regards to the containment and treatment of the coronavirus disease,” read the report.

“Despite the numerous meetings held and decisions made, contradictions and defects are seen in the decisions and measures adopted, which has resulted in people suffering irreparable material and spiritual losses,” the report also read.

“In this regard, one can refer to cases such as the president’s wrong decisions in March 2021 (in the days before the start of the Persian New year), regarding the disease as something ordinary in the first days of the Persian New Year 1400, the president’s improper reactions to the warnings given as part of the COVID-10 monitoring process, his inappropriate and contradictory decisions as the chair of the task force, and his very weak performance with regards to the management of the imports, production and distribution of coronavirus vaccines, etc.,” said the report.

Upon the MPs’ agreement, the report was sent to the Judiciary for further review.

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