Mother cheetah, 2 cubs spotted in Iran’s Touran

An environmentalist said a mother cheetah with her two cubs were spotted in Khar Touran National Park in the central Iranian province of Semnan.

Alireza Cheraghi added: “It seems that the mother cheetah and her two cubs are in favorable condition.”

Stressing that any factor may threaten this valuable species, he said the environmentalists monitor and pay attention to the cheetah-inhabited areas from afar and that even minor incidents are carefully monitored.

The environmentalist stated that the images obtained from the observations are such that it is impossible to tell the gender of the two Asiatic cubs. Cheraghi, however, added that the two cubs are approximately three months old.

Slightly smaller and lighter than its African counterpart, the Asiatic cheetah is critically endangered as per the announcement of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The population of cheetahs is shrinking due to the combination of human and natural-driven threats.

Iran is the last stronghold of the species fighting for survival. The fastest land animal in the world is now only spotted in some habitats in Iran, mainly in the provinces of Semnan, Yazd in central Iran, as well as Kerman and Fars in the country’s south.

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