Saturday, January 28, 2023

Minister Vows to Prevent Schooling Deprivation in Iran

Iran’s Minister of Education has given an assurance that he will not allow any schoolchild in the country to be deprived of schooling in the wake of the school closures after the outbreak of coronavirus.

In a post on his Twitter account on Tuesday, Minister of Education Mohsen Hajimirzaee said, “I will not let any student be deprived of schooling.”

Pointing to the distance learning programs that the Education Ministry has devised after the outbreak of coronavirus and the school closures, the minister said a homegrown mobile application, dubbed SHAD, covers around 90 percent of students at home.

The Education Ministry has a special plan for the remaining 10 percent of students who have no access to the Internet or the electronic devices, he noted.

The minister emphasized that the teachers and school principals are providing schooling uninterruptedly for the students that do not have access to the Internet, through direct contacts or by giving lesson even over the telephone.

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