Thursday, December 8, 2022

Migratory Birds in Iranian Wetlands

Each year when the cold seasons arrive, Iranian wetlands turn to a haven for migratory birds crossing the country. These guests stay in Iran until early March.

IRNA and ISNA have released photos of migratory swans in Sorkhrood wetland of Mazandaran province, northern Iran.

Mizan has published photos of the migration of larus (a genus of gulls) to a well-known wetland in Lahijan, Gilan province, also in northern Iran.

Mehr has also released the photos of Estil Wetland in Astara, Gilan, which hosts a group of rare migratory birds including pelican, seabird, larus, tern, quail, small and large cormorants, egretta, and heron. This wetland is among protected and no-hunt areas in northern Iran.

Here is a selection of the photos published by abovementioned sources:

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