Monday, September 26, 2022

Lake Neor: Unique Wildlife Habitat

Lake Neor is located 48 kilometres southeast of the city of Ardabil in northwestern Iran.

The lake lies in a valley 2,500 metres above sea level. The lake has an area of over 210 hectares and is, in fact, made up of two small and big lakes which join each other in spring to make a single lake, which is 5 metres deep on overage.

The Lake Neor area is a protected wildlife sanctuary monitored by the Department of the Environment of Iran. Hunting any kind of seabirds at the lake is forbidden. The area boasts valuable features in terms of wildlife, ecotourism, beekeeping, agriculture and husbandry. The flora of the area contains a wide variety of plant species. Furthermore, Lake Neor is the habitat of some species of migratory birds.

The word “Neor” is a Mongolian word. In the Azerbaijani Turkish language, “Neor” refers to a small lake which no river flows into.

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