Wednesday, November 29, 2023

‘Knowledge-Based Firms Playing Key Role in Iran’s Battle with Pandemic’

Iran’s health minister says 1,500 knowledge-based companies are curently working in the domain of health, making great contribution to Iran's fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

Saeed Namaki noted the firms have played a major role in producing the equipment needed to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

“First, we had much difficulty producing masks and protective gear [for coronavirus], but in less than 50 days, not only did our knowledge-based companies produce these items, but we were able to export them as well,” said the minister.

He then touched upon efforts by pharmaceutical experts in the country to produce drugs effective in treating coronavirus patients.

“As soon as we found out a medicine was effective in treating coronavirus patients, our drug companies began work and produced the medicine which we would buy from abroad or which they would even refuse to give us. The domestically produced drugs cost less than a 100th the price we would pay to import them,” he noted.

He then lashed out at Washington’s claims that no sanctions have been imposed on drug sales to Iran, saying the US is lying when it says sanctions do not apply to medicines.

The minister said the way out of crises is not to seek help from the United States and Europe; rather, he added, Iran should rely on its own scientists and domestically-developed know-how.

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