Friday, September 29, 2023

Jeddah Wrestling Charade: Bin Salman’s Fantasy of Defeating Iran

The Al Saud regime, in its latest anti-Iran show, recently staged a “wrestling” scenario in Jeddah to give Bin Salman a sense of victory over Iran.

The Persian-language Tasnim News Agency has, in an analytical piece, weighed in on the ludicrous shows that Saudi Arabia has recently staged against Iran. The highlights of the article follow.

Around five months ago, Saudi Arabia released an animation depicting war against Iran through the eyes of Riyadh. In that imaginary and “all-out” war, all of Iran’s infrastructure is destroyed in operations commanded by Mohammed bin Salman who enters Tehran shortly. The animation was held up to ridicule by many, even Saudi citizens.

Recently, Riyadh staged a “wrestling” scenario to once again display Bin Salman’s victory in another show.

According to Saudi sources, some $10 million was paid out of Saudi people’s pockets for a five-minute performance by the wrestlers picked by bin Salman. The two Iranian wrestlers were humiliated by their Saudi counterparts after raising the flag of the Islamic Republic.

In reaction to the phony wrestling match in Jeddah, a Saudi activist wrote on Twitter that while Saudi soldiers are fighting on the southern borders, bin Salman arranges parties and shows filled with debauchery.

The activist’s reaction was in response to the Jeddah wrestling event held by the Al Saud regime. More than 60,000 spectators, including women, watched the event held at Jeddah’s al-Jawhara stadium.

Surprising enough, a few wrestlers carrying the Iranian flag went into the ring, triggering a brouhaha in Saudi Arabia and drawing the attention of activists on social media networks.

That a few wrestlers were present at the event with the Iranian flag was another targeted scenario staged by the Al Saud regime against Iran under which the wrestlers were planned to lose to Saudi wrestlers.

Some users also lashed out at Saudi Arabia for using the Iranian flag at the event, describing the show as Saudi officials’ fantasy.

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