Monday, January 17, 2022

JCPOA Survived Thanks to Iran’s Efforts; Now It’s Other Parties’ Turn

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Iran’s government spokesman Ali Rabiei says the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers have survived so far thanks to the Iranian nation’s resistance, and it’s now the other parties’ duty to keep it alive.

“We were the ones who stood out for the sake of global and regional peace, and because of our belief that we should achieve peace through dialogue,” Rabiei said in a Tuesday press briefing.

He said it was for the sake of the Iranian people’s resistance and the difficulties they tolerated that the JCPOA was maintained.

“Today it is their [other parties to the deal] duty to return to what they were committed to,” he added.
He also reiterated that Tehran will immediately return to its commitments under the nuclear deal once the US does so.

“I once again express our position here, clearly, that without any delay immediately after the US administration’s return, we’ll return to our commitments in full.”

“This is the Islamic Republic’s current position. In case of any change in our position, the Foreign Minister will definitely announce it. But our today’s position is what I’m announcing today,” he added.

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