Thursday, February 2, 2023

Jahangiri: I Represent Iranian Reformists in Presidential Election

In a clear clash with conservative presidential candidate Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, Es’haq Jahangiri said he is representing the reformist movement, which has been marginalized in the past years, and he has all the right to defend their rights.

During the Friday’s presidential debate, Jahangiri’s candidacy was questioned by Qalibaf, who thinks it is not appropriate that the former has run for president while he’ll withdraw in favour of Rouhani at the end. He later called Jahangiri’s candidacy as a waste of time for the people following the debate.

Jahangiri strongly lashed out at Qalibaf’s remarks and said, “You have deprived reformists from all of their rights. I am here to represent reformists to say what you have done with this original movement.”

He said he has all the right to run for Iran’s presidency as he is more experienced that Qalibaf, and after years of working as a governor, minister, and first vice-president, he is ready to put himself to people’s vote.

“I’m here to say what Ahmadinejad’s government did to human resources, to Mr Hashemi Rafsanjani or Nateq Noori,” he added.

In a reference to Qalibaf’s management after the Plasco building collapse, Jahangiri said the government does not hesitate to apologize to the Iranian nation whenever needed.

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